Cut paperwork and manual sale entry with SMART POS

Quick-swipe your customer purchases using patent-pending POS interface, Send sales memos and collection receipts to customers using plan credits, which allows you to cut printing & credit management costs by over 50%.

Catch demand with Neighbourhood PRODUCT TRENDS

Get visibility into local stock movements and real-time analysis based on advertisement trends, locality and up to 25 other demand factors. Upstock wisely and Upsell customers by 7-8% using powerful information with total ease. 

Prevent lost sales by SMART-TRACKING Stockouts

Get product inventory and availability/Out of Stock details at category/SKU level for planning sales schemes and generate next purchase orders automatically. Prevent customers from returning empty-handed. Avoid sales loss, Cut merchandiser and accounting costs by up to 30%.

Safely, Securely stow all invoices in SMART Bill eBOOK

Scan, upload and stow your bills using Smart Bill eBook feature, and let the magic unfold. Our Smart invoice analysis algorithms interpret your invoices, catalogue them smartly and make it easier for you to access them quickly whenever required.

Automate customer records easily with SMART CRM

Most Retail CRMs require expensive tags, RFID cards, mobile phone detection hardware to get going. With Smart CRM running on your phone, get customer information inferred and detected by our intelligent software, that magically remembers your footfalls, and notifies you when you need it the most.

Track Retail incentive/Issue with SMART SUPPORT

Communicate issues/achievemente/incentives with organizations using messages at a very low cost - up to 50% cheaper than cheapest available SMS rates. Provide feedback (such as item receipt, expired or missing goods) directly to organizations.

Intelligent Retail Automation using GoStocky Mobile app