Loved by the most reputed MNC firms in the world and the local pan-bidi shop owner in Vasai-Virar alike, GoStocky has striven hard to win the loyalty and continued patronage of its esteemed & diverse clients across industries.
The companies we work with say a lot about our values. Here's a brief preview of what we did for our clients.



“I like the automatic product and price feature, as I have seen mobile apps before but never really used due to huge hassle of entering stock data. GoStocky avoids that issue, and updates prices automatically, which saves me a lot of time.”

Shakti, DM Stores, Mumbai

“Handling customer dues was our biggest problem, as we have several loyal customers that give us most profits. Since we give credit and don't have any credit tracking mechanism, we used to forget dues. With GoStocky CRM, it is quite helpful, as somehow they manage to retrieve customer dues every time customer comes to our store. ”

Owner, Colony Stores Retail Manager, Mumbai