GoSTOCKY is an International award-winning world's first Retail Resource Planning (RRP) mobile app that will help you automate inventory management, cash flow management and track customer loyalty, and get your ready for GST !

You have very meticulously established a fine business. You have managed finance, operations, marketing, sales and what not, every single day since you started the kirana shop.

But now you have started to lose your customers to modern and online retail and you often wonder how to bring them back.

The major concern that you face in the business is time to manage and reorder stock. And if you forget to order one exhausted stock, your customer goes back empty-handed.

You have a lot of money stuck in business due to customer credits and you cannot afford to forget customer dues.

Discounts given to regular customers go untracked and hence your cash inflows and outflows also lack accountability.

Sometimes you just wish for a genie to solve all your

problems for you. We have brought you that and much more through our product, GoSTOCKY

GoSTOCKY is world's first Retail Resource Planning (RRP) mobile app that will help address all your woes - it is the neighborhood retailer's response to expensive ERPs !

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